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Another mark to end my summer... [Aug. 6th, 2004|07:11 am]
It's always sad the last day of band camp.. because that's one of the points in your summer that remind you it's ending in a matter of weeks. The last day of camp was good. I know all my music, I've been acquainted with the freshman, and it's looks like a good year ahead. Hard work goes a long way, i've certaintly learned that. Anyway, Amanda got section leader for the drum line ( and considering there are seniors in the drumline.. and she's a junior .. that's really damn good!). Congrats to you Manda Bear! There are four bells players this year.. and our section is kick ass. Marching season is going to rock. The coolest freshman so far is Ian.. this little kid in the drum line. Everyone else thinks he looks like a girl/ boy.. but I think he's cool. Especially because he said my wagon is cool because it's good for surfing ( u can fit the surf boards in the back). Anyway, I just thought I'd tell u about the last day of camp :). One bad thing that happened was a cymbal fell on my toe and practically split it in half. Thank god I'm only a 'part time' cymbal player right now..because i have to teach the freshman ( Ian is one of them,, sometimes morganne). Well, I'm at dad's for the weekend, so i won't be able to post till sunday or later because we're going to a family party in bellingham. ALL my family from New Hampshire is coming.. and I can't wait to see all my cousins.. especially the baby twins!!! So, I guess I'll post later this week/weekend to tell you how it went! I hope you come with us Kel! <3 TInz