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No one i think is in my tree... [Aug. 9th, 2004|08:14 pm]
Let me start with the rest of Friday night...

Okay.. so I ate dinner with Matt & Dad.. and then my uncle Paul arrived. Paul gave me a belated birthday gift, because he was planning on getting me something since before my birthday happened - but he was looking for something I'd really like. So.. he got me the 'new' version dvd of the Beatle's first trip to America! Which is really GOOD. I saw the older version , but this one is better- newer and with better extras. So, me-dad-paulie-and Matt & Wilson watched it together. I made matt pay attention to the part where George and John smoke Marlboro ciggies. LoL. I went to bed early to get good sleeps for the party the next day.

And now I have to leave so I guess I'll update some other time. Bye