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ookay,, let me finish that update [Aug. 10th, 2004|09:00 am]
[Current Mood |indifferentindifferent]

Um.. Alright.

So- i didn't have a good sleep Friday night because of allergies, along with other complications that I'm sure none of you would want me to explain. Anyway, I woke up almost every hour during the night and miserated myself back to sleep. The good news: i only had to get out of bed once to pee. (lol) Okay- so my dad wakes me up annoyingly at 9:30 because my Auntie Nicky was coming down to pick us up ( she live in NH) and bringing us to Bellingham where this big ParTay is. She hit some pot hole in Boston and we were set back an hour or so, but it was alright. She arrived, Wilson left, and we all went on our way to bellingham. Me, Matt, Dad, Paul & Nicky. When we arrived, Kenny & Jenn ( the peoples having the party) . were getting ready for everything... and so we helped ( although there wasn't much for ME to do). So I asked Kenny, and he said I could get the kids out of his way by bringing them in the 'jumpy thing'. You know- those things that blow up real big and you can bounce in them. So- in a matter of minutes more people started arriving and tons of kids were surrounding me in this bubble. lol. I escaped.. and spent the day eating, talking to people i haven't seen for 2-4 years, dancing..ect. There was a live band who played the DOORS for me.. hee hee. And I was really happy to see my cousins and my friend Nicole , who i haven't seen in about 3 years. Nicky, my cousin Jess & i have all been close since we were little kids- so it was a good feeling. At about 11:30 at night, i got tired of dancing and went to sleep on the living room couch. Little baby Audrey ( 2 year old baby girl of Jenn & Ken) came up to me and fell asleep.. and we awoke about an hour later cuddling. LoL. She's a cutie. ANyway- my auntie Linda put her in her bed, and I joined my cousin Earl, Jess, Auntie Barbie & Matt out by the fire. Ken, Jen & Linda were nearby.. and Jen was really drunk and kept falling face first into the ground- while Ken and linda were arguing with her that she needed to go to bed. I was hungry.. so i ate a huge piece of sweetbread while smoke blew in my face. i was tired again soon after, and everyone else too, so we went into the house to sleep. I was going to sleep in my sleeping bag next to matt. Yay - comfy. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. AWAKE! I heard a little baby crying- no one else was getting up. SHIT. That means I have to. ::sigh:: Ken & Jen's oldest daughter (Emily-4 years old) was pouting her little lip and saying she wanted her mommy. So i asked her why she was crying and picked her up.. then I felt the piss. 'I dwank too much juice and peed my bed!'- yup. YUP! SO it took me about 45 minutes to get her clothes off, wash her, find her undies and pj's in the dark, and put her in my sleeping bag while i slept on the floor next to her. I noticed she was sleeping- and finally she told me why. My unlce paul was snoring- and it scared her. So, i moved her into her room, and then the sleeping bag. FInally she went to sleep. I was in the process of trying to sleep when i heard little baby noises. I heard it once and looked back, twice... i turned around and Audrey is out of bed.. and clamps on to me. I think she thought i was her mom.. so i just held her until she fell alsleep and then laid her next to Emily. I was almost asleep when the 1 year old ( Lindsey) wakes up crying. I picked her up.. ALL WET! ugh.. not again! ( by now it's 6:00 in the morning.. and i've been up for about 3-4 hours.) So i tried cleaning Lindsey and changing her diaper but.. she didn't want to deal with it. She was flipping out. FInally- Jen heard her crying and woke up. Then she put me to bed with Audrey and we fell asleep together the second time that night. I got about 4 hours of sleep, but i felt good that I helped Jen sleep a few extra hours. Afterall, she was kinda drunk and i felt weird walking into her bedroom in the middle of the night. So Sunday was a complete blurr because of my lack of sleep.

So, yesterday- i spent the day at ryan's and i caught up on my sleep. Then we went mini-golfing with the musials. Then we went swimming , hung out, ate dinner.. the usual.

Right now I'm working at the Museum- but my boss is in a meeting, so I'm just hanging around like she told me to. I'm going to be doing a mailing soon, and then some data entry- then we're cleaning out the art supply closet.. the 'art cave'- and then she's taking me out to lunch for my hard work (lol). So i guess I'll update tomorrow if i can .. because I have art classes tonight! <3 much- TINz