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I'm working AGAIN> [Aug. 12th, 2004|11:06 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

I'm at RISD right now. Yesterday I worked at the Lawyer's Office. "yawn!" ..I'm so tired lately. I haven't stopped working all week ( except for Monday.. but I was still exhausted then ) Since Tuesday it's been.. work.. school.. work.. school. My art class on tuesday was good. We concentrated on drawing Shadows of the body! A lot of people liked mine, and said they were their favorites! WHoo hoo. Last night we went to driver's ed. Matt was taking his last class there and graduated. It was fun! I wish he was with me in REAL school too. lol. I miss being able to laze around and be by myself lately. I also miss hanging out with Ryan. Everytime I'm with him i need to take a nap, and when I'm not sleeping - i have to leave or work! TOnight I will be able to spend time with him , if he decides that he doesn't want to go to D.Ed. Either we will just hang out or go to the Free Summer BRU concert with his cuz Eric. I want to go to the concert, kinda- but i'm soOoOoOoo tired! Oh well. Tomorrow I don't have work , but I do have to work at Gilette Stadium for band to make money for the competition cruise. ( haha - u may be laughing at me tomorrow but i'll be in bermuda in june .. while you're here in school! haha) lmao.. i don't know why i just posted that. ;)

Anyway.. i had a dream last night that I went to Chelsea's house to see her. She wasn't home so I was talking to her mum. I needed to take a shower so i did, and it was flooding.. lol. I couldn't find a towel so her mom helped me, and her sister and dad walked in while I was naked.. and it wasn't awkward at all ( i dunno the significance of that..) Finally.. Chelsea got home in this black little Jeep, and this tall grunge looking guy came out.. who smelled, and that little freshman from band (Ian) came out.. and i was takling to them all. Then when chelsea got in the house.. we jumped on eachother and did some weird hug thing. I dunno - i was happy to see my little chel friend in the dream. Then I woke up and felt sick. Oh well. Post later I guess. <3 Tinz