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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2004|11:17 am]
[ x ] Wallet - black, borrowed, not much in it except for receipts, buisness cards, permit - RISD i.d. & debit card
[ x ] Hairbrush - I have many
[ x ] Toothbrush - Spongebob, soft bristles
[ x ] Pillow cover - None.. it is sewn on
[ x ] Blanket - fleece, little, froggies on it .. whoo hoo
[ x ] Coffee cup - starbucks or anemities
[ x ] Sunglasses - UPS glasses ( thanks to Ryan's dad)
[ x ] Underwear - pink flowery lacy short thingies
[ x ] Shoes - Cobian Black Flips
[ x ] Favorite shirt - My Grey Sweatshirt
[ x ] Cologne/Perfume - I forgot
[ x ] CD in stereo right now - Beatles '1' CD
[ x ] Tattoos - Henna , or whatever i drew on there yesterday that didn't wash off in the shower
[ x ] Piercings - 2 in both ears, belly button !
[ x ] Hair - bobbed, blonde.
[ x ] Makeup - ::laughs:: sometimes i wear mascara
[ x ] In my head - Day dreams, tons
[ x ] After this - Back to work
[ x ] Talking to - No one, unless you count day dream people
[ x ] Eating - saliva
[ x ] If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason - Tim, my step father ( for obvious reasons) and Kara Evans ( for obvious reasons)-- oh and that guy who killed john lennon, if he's still alive
[ x ] Person you wish you could see right now - Ryan, Jeff, Chelsea, Amanda
[ x ] Is next to you - No one :(
[ x ] Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month - Sleep
[ x ] The last thing you ate - Egg Sandwich
[ x ] Something that you are deathly afraid of - Spiders
[ x ] Do you like candles - sure
[ x ] Do you like incense - yes
[ x ] Do you like the taste of blood - no
[ x ] Do you believe in love - yes
[ x ] Do you believe in soul mates - yes
[ x ] Do you believe in love at first sight - no
[ x ] Do you believe in Heaven - yes, but that's not what i call it most times
[ x ] Do you believe in forgiveness - yes
[ x ] Do you believe in God - yes
[ x ] What do you want done with your body when you die - I want to be burnt and spread across somewhere that is important to me. Like Disney Land. (KELLLY!)
[ x ] Who is your worst enemy - Tim and Kara
[ x ] If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be - JOhn Lennon or George Harrison ( lmao)-no one could pet him except for me though.
[ x ] What is the latest you've ever stayed up - I don't wake up to begin with
[ x ] Ever been to Belgium - No
[ x ] Can you eat with chopsticks - yes
[ x ] What's your favorite coin - The one that's worth the most
[ x ] What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to - New York, London, Liverpool, San Francisco , Rishikesh.
[ x ] What are some of your favorite pig out foods - CHochoLATE, Sunflower seeds.
[ x ] What's something that you wish people would understand - That i'm really emotional, and that I don't ENJOY being so big breasted!
[ x ] What's something you wish you could understand better - my future
[ x ] Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time - Jeff
[ x ] What's one thing you want to make happen for tomorrow - have fun!
[ x ] Do you have a lucky number: not really
[ x ] Do you do drugs: no, although i take a lot of aleve on many occasions
[ x ] Do you smoke: second hand.. ;)
[ x ] Do you drink: everyday! ( lol.. you didn't say alcohol!)
[ x ] Do you cuss: FUCK YEAH~!
[ x ] Do you have a CD burner: Yes
[ x ] Who do you hate: 2 people
[ x ] Who hates you: pshh.. let's see, bell players, DR band members, soccer players, some small boobed people, people who want my boyfriend, people who hate the beatles, and finally.. people who think i will steal their boyfriend.
[ x ] How many buddies are on your buddy list: I dunno, I'm not signed on to one right now.. over 100 though
[ x ] How many are online right now: dunno
[ x ] Which ones are you talking to: 0
[ x ] How do you know them: friends
[ x ] What did you do yesterday: worked
[ x ] What did you do today: work
[ x ] What are you doing tomorrow: Dunno yet
[ x ] What are you doing this weekend: sleep
[ x ] What did you do last weekend: went to a party
[ x ] What are you gonna do when this is over: check my mail
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I'm working AGAIN> [Aug. 12th, 2004|11:06 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

I'm at RISD right now. Yesterday I worked at the Lawyer's Office. "yawn!" ..I'm so tired lately. I haven't stopped working all week ( except for Monday.. but I was still exhausted then ) Since Tuesday it's been.. work.. school.. work.. school. My art class on tuesday was good. We concentrated on drawing Shadows of the body! A lot of people liked mine, and said they were their favorites! WHoo hoo. Last night we went to driver's ed. Matt was taking his last class there and graduated. It was fun! I wish he was with me in REAL school too. lol. I miss being able to laze around and be by myself lately. I also miss hanging out with Ryan. Everytime I'm with him i need to take a nap, and when I'm not sleeping - i have to leave or work! TOnight I will be able to spend time with him , if he decides that he doesn't want to go to D.Ed. Either we will just hang out or go to the Free Summer BRU concert with his cuz Eric. I want to go to the concert, kinda- but i'm soOoOoOoo tired! Oh well. Tomorrow I don't have work , but I do have to work at Gilette Stadium for band to make money for the competition cruise. ( haha - u may be laughing at me tomorrow but i'll be in bermuda in june .. while you're here in school! haha) lmao.. i don't know why i just posted that. ;)

Anyway.. i had a dream last night that I went to Chelsea's house to see her. She wasn't home so I was talking to her mum. I needed to take a shower so i did, and it was flooding.. lol. I couldn't find a towel so her mom helped me, and her sister and dad walked in while I was naked.. and it wasn't awkward at all ( i dunno the significance of that..) Finally.. Chelsea got home in this black little Jeep, and this tall grunge looking guy came out.. who smelled, and that little freshman from band (Ian) came out.. and i was takling to them all. Then when chelsea got in the house.. we jumped on eachother and did some weird hug thing. I dunno - i was happy to see my little chel friend in the dream. Then I woke up and felt sick. Oh well. Post later I guess. <3 Tinz
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ookay,, let me finish that update [Aug. 10th, 2004|09:00 am]
[Current Mood |indifferentindifferent]

Um.. Alright.

So- i didn't have a good sleep Friday night because of allergies, along with other complications that I'm sure none of you would want me to explain. Anyway, I woke up almost every hour during the night and miserated myself back to sleep. The good news: i only had to get out of bed once to pee. (lol) Okay- so my dad wakes me up annoyingly at 9:30 because my Auntie Nicky was coming down to pick us up ( she live in NH) and bringing us to Bellingham where this big ParTay is. She hit some pot hole in Boston and we were set back an hour or so, but it was alright. She arrived, Wilson left, and we all went on our way to bellingham. Me, Matt, Dad, Paul & Nicky. When we arrived, Kenny & Jenn ( the peoples having the party) . were getting ready for everything... and so we helped ( although there wasn't much for ME to do). So I asked Kenny, and he said I could get the kids out of his way by bringing them in the 'jumpy thing'. You know- those things that blow up real big and you can bounce in them. So- in a matter of minutes more people started arriving and tons of kids were surrounding me in this bubble. lol. I escaped.. and spent the day eating, talking to people i haven't seen for 2-4 years, dancing..ect. There was a live band who played the DOORS for me.. hee hee. And I was really happy to see my cousins and my friend Nicole , who i haven't seen in about 3 years. Nicky, my cousin Jess & i have all been close since we were little kids- so it was a good feeling. At about 11:30 at night, i got tired of dancing and went to sleep on the living room couch. Little baby Audrey ( 2 year old baby girl of Jenn & Ken) came up to me and fell asleep.. and we awoke about an hour later cuddling. LoL. She's a cutie. ANyway- my auntie Linda put her in her bed, and I joined my cousin Earl, Jess, Auntie Barbie & Matt out by the fire. Ken, Jen & Linda were nearby.. and Jen was really drunk and kept falling face first into the ground- while Ken and linda were arguing with her that she needed to go to bed. I was hungry.. so i ate a huge piece of sweetbread while smoke blew in my face. i was tired again soon after, and everyone else too, so we went into the house to sleep. I was going to sleep in my sleeping bag next to matt. Yay - comfy. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. AWAKE! I heard a little baby crying- no one else was getting up. SHIT. That means I have to. ::sigh:: Ken & Jen's oldest daughter (Emily-4 years old) was pouting her little lip and saying she wanted her mommy. So i asked her why she was crying and picked her up.. then I felt the piss. 'I dwank too much juice and peed my bed!'- yup. YUP! SO it took me about 45 minutes to get her clothes off, wash her, find her undies and pj's in the dark, and put her in my sleeping bag while i slept on the floor next to her. I noticed she was sleeping- and finally she told me why. My unlce paul was snoring- and it scared her. So, i moved her into her room, and then the sleeping bag. FInally she went to sleep. I was in the process of trying to sleep when i heard little baby noises. I heard it once and looked back, twice... i turned around and Audrey is out of bed.. and clamps on to me. I think she thought i was her mom.. so i just held her until she fell alsleep and then laid her next to Emily. I was almost asleep when the 1 year old ( Lindsey) wakes up crying. I picked her up.. ALL WET! ugh.. not again! ( by now it's 6:00 in the morning.. and i've been up for about 3-4 hours.) So i tried cleaning Lindsey and changing her diaper but.. she didn't want to deal with it. She was flipping out. FInally- Jen heard her crying and woke up. Then she put me to bed with Audrey and we fell asleep together the second time that night. I got about 4 hours of sleep, but i felt good that I helped Jen sleep a few extra hours. Afterall, she was kinda drunk and i felt weird walking into her bedroom in the middle of the night. So Sunday was a complete blurr because of my lack of sleep.

So, yesterday- i spent the day at ryan's and i caught up on my sleep. Then we went mini-golfing with the musials. Then we went swimming , hung out, ate dinner.. the usual.

Right now I'm working at the Museum- but my boss is in a meeting, so I'm just hanging around like she told me to. I'm going to be doing a mailing soon, and then some data entry- then we're cleaning out the art supply closet.. the 'art cave'- and then she's taking me out to lunch for my hard work (lol). So i guess I'll update tomorrow if i can .. because I have art classes tonight! <3 much- TINz
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No one i think is in my tree... [Aug. 9th, 2004|08:14 pm]
Let me start with the rest of Friday night...

Okay.. so I ate dinner with Matt & Dad.. and then my uncle Paul arrived. Paul gave me a belated birthday gift, because he was planning on getting me something since before my birthday happened - but he was looking for something I'd really like. So.. he got me the 'new' version dvd of the Beatle's first trip to America! Which is really GOOD. I saw the older version , but this one is better- newer and with better extras. So, me-dad-paulie-and Matt & Wilson watched it together. I made matt pay attention to the part where George and John smoke Marlboro ciggies. LoL. I went to bed early to get good sleeps for the party the next day.

And now I have to leave so I guess I'll update some other time. Bye
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Another mark to end my summer... [Aug. 6th, 2004|07:11 am]
It's always sad the last day of band camp.. because that's one of the points in your summer that remind you it's ending in a matter of weeks. The last day of camp was good. I know all my music, I've been acquainted with the freshman, and it's looks like a good year ahead. Hard work goes a long way, i've certaintly learned that. Anyway, Amanda got section leader for the drum line ( and considering there are seniors in the drumline.. and she's a junior .. that's really damn good!). Congrats to you Manda Bear! There are four bells players this year.. and our section is kick ass. Marching season is going to rock. The coolest freshman so far is Ian.. this little kid in the drum line. Everyone else thinks he looks like a girl/ boy.. but I think he's cool. Especially because he said my wagon is cool because it's good for surfing ( u can fit the surf boards in the back). Anyway, I just thought I'd tell u about the last day of camp :). One bad thing that happened was a cymbal fell on my toe and practically split it in half. Thank god I'm only a 'part time' cymbal player right now..because i have to teach the freshman ( Ian is one of them,, sometimes morganne). Well, I'm at dad's for the weekend, so i won't be able to post till sunday or later because we're going to a family party in bellingham. ALL my family from New Hampshire is coming.. and I can't wait to see all my cousins.. especially the baby twins!!! So, I guess I'll post later this week/weekend to tell you how it went! I hope you come with us Kel! <3 TInz
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This land is your land, This Land is My Land.... [Aug. 5th, 2004|08:38 pm]

^^ Go there and watch the video on the page that comes up. It's of Bush and Kerry , and sometimes it takes a while to load - but it's worth it. You'll crack up.. anyway...

Today was good. Band camp was a lot better because no one had to go outside.. we played in the gym instead and worked on the show. Mostly everyone has their music memorize ( including me).. so we're really excited.

Me and Ryan came back to the house and i took a nap till 5:00 because I had major allergies and a huge headache. Then we decided to help with dinner and made a HUGE pot of corn chowder.. to go along with rotiserie chicken and salad. It was yum. Now we're just hanging out, and we just watched that video again ( the one i included the link for). I'm sorry that I don't know how to make it 'hypertext'.. i'm sure you all don't mind though. so, I guess I'll go wash up to be nice and clean for camp tomorrow. Luv You all <3 Tinz
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Hey Hey Hey [Aug. 4th, 2004|08:09 pm]
[Current Mood |optimisticoptimistic]

Yup .. so the past 2 days have been weird. Let's start with the rest of Monday...

I watched ' who wants to marry my dad' and those stupid daughters did not choose Suzanne to marry their dad. Ugh.. what a horrible decision ( lol - im crazy). Then , when my show was over I called Ryan and he informed me that the Stupid whore ( Kara Evans) is still trying to im him on 'secret' screen names , where he doesn't know who it is ( although he knows it's her every time). She is a dumb slut who should just keep her mind of MY bf, because he wouldn't leave me for a no-good-horse-toothed-no-life-immature ho bag. Oh well, die bitch.

Okay.. so then tomorrow.. i woke up, went to band camp. The usual. Went to lunch with Ry, Taryn, Matt & Amanda to Subway and BK. Then we went to Taryn's house to eat the food we got. Back to camp... learned some more music. Blah de Blah de Blah. Went to Ry's , Andy showed up - showed me his tattoo. I was the first to see! :) It's a cool nautical star ( black & red) on his arm. It looks good on him too. It bleeds an awful lot, but He's happy, and that's what's important! So then I went to my Figure Drawing class and drew a naked black girl for 3 hours. My sketches were pretty good for a beginner using charcoal in a way she never used it before. The teacher is a teacher at RISD too, and he complimented my style and shading.. so that's good! Then when i showed my mom the drawings after class, she got pissed because she doesn't like the fact that i'm in a room with a naked human for 3 hours. I'm also the youngest person in the class, so she's kind of mad about that too. ::sigh:: why can't i just be the little vintage artist i want to be? Went home, slept...

woke up. Went to Ry's, went to camp. Played music. Went to lunch with ry, manda, taryn, matt. Then we went to matt's house because he needed to get his bathing suit for swimming at the school. He sat on a container of barbecue sauce from Gnik Regrub (<BK) and it was all over his shorts, and on Taryn's seat. It was funny because he was standing at his front door and taryn was pointing to his ass laughing.. and when we saw.. it was hilarious! So matt realized, and soaked his jeans in the sink ( when he got back to school he realized that his music was in the pockets of the shorts that were soaking in water.) lol. Anyway, we went back to school and went swimming for an hour or so , when i got out of the pool i saw andy's mom and realized that he was going around with no sleeve to cover his tattoo. If his mom found out she'd be pissed. He ran and hid under the bleachers near the pool- and everyone didn't know that ..so we were all running around looking for him - wet and half naked. lmao! We found him and gave him a shirt, then he could go find his mom. LoL.. she said " The story of my life is trying to find Andy." -which i thought was funny, because he does tend to wander or hide sometimes. So, then we played some more music- and in three days I've learned all the bells music for the show .. and also some of the music we play in the stand. I'd say that's pretty damn good considering the music being difficult. S So , I came back to Ry's and went swimming for the rest of the afternoon. Then I practiced music a little bit more. Dinner - try to call dad.. try to call dad. He wouldn't pick up before, and then it was busy - so i'll just call him tomorrow. Well, i guess that's it - i'll write again when I can. I have to go take a shower before my mom picks me up. Peace ( call me for love) <3 tinz
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Just Sweating the Day Away. [Aug. 2nd, 2004|08:36 pm]
I finished 'The Stepford Wives' today.. and really liked it .. and so far.. I'm about one fourth through ' My Name is Asher Lev' and it's a great book. Also.. i forgot to mention that I saw the movie " The Village" - which totally rocked. I might put a little graphic up just for fun, maybe.

Anyway, went to band camp today.. meh. It wore me out fast , because I had to stand at my instrument all day long. I'm learning the music pretty quickly, I just have a lot of catching up to do. Besides some people annoying me.. the rest of the camp day was alright. Ry and I went to lunch with Matty B. with Taryn in her car. We went to Wendy's..lol. Then we came back and hung out with Andy for a little while.. he left. and we had to play again.

Andy is getting his tattoo tomorrow, and then coming to camp to show me. I wanted to go with him, but he's just too damn anxious.

So , I was supposed to go to driving school tonight with ry, but I just didn't have the ambition. I don't think he did either. It is his dad's birthday today. I wish i could have been there to celebrate.. but I guess I needed some alone time after a day around so many people. So, I just came home after a nice shower,and just read - ate dinner and came online.

Robynne , and old friend who goes to Tri-County now IM-ED me tonight. We had our difference in the past, but we're on good terms now. She's the same as I remember, anyway. Except for a new Boyfriend and a change in music taste. That's cool though, I was thinking about her a couple of days ago, so I'm glad she got my screen name from Chels.

It's still early. I want my show 'Who Wants to Marry My Dad?' to come on, but it's only 9:00 ish.. and it comes on at 10:00. It's the finale-fricken show! I want to see who wants to marry their dad! Go.. Suzannne! ( sorry for being such a dork) < at least kelly still loves me!

I'm sweating.

I start my figure drawing class tomorrow..... SO EXCITED! Eff band camp.. i'm gonna be drawing live models. If they're nude.. i hope they're not too old. LOL.

I forgot what i was supposed to write here.

Well, I guess I was going to tell you more before I went, but I'll save that for later in the week. Good night to all, and tty tomorrow if possible. Luv < TinZ
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Doop De Dopp [Aug. 1st, 2004|01:36 pm]
[Current Mood |groggygroggy]

It's sunday.. it's rainy .. and my allergies are making me grumples. And Ryan is mad at me because I'm a jerkface. Yesterday I had to work, and it was alright. I kinda had fun, except I was really tired and hungry. Basically, I just helped little kids make lion and leopard masks and then I lead part of the 'gallery quest' which is when the little kids were searching through the museum looking for different lions. About 15 times i said this : ' hi.. are you doing the gallery quest? Can you find the two lions in this room? WOW! Good job.. would you like a sticker now? okay.. now follow me while looking at the directions on the bottom of your booklet.. through 3 asian galleries.. :: walking through 3 rooms:: this is one... two... and threee... ::leads them to staircase and says: Now.. go down one flight of stairs and enter the next gallery at the right. Have fun ! ::smile:: ' . ::runs back to asian sculpture room to greet nexy group:: .. so basiclly, i was somewhat of a tour guide yesterday.. whoo hoo. I met a painter from jersey who goes to RISD named Kate, a jewelery designer and glass maker also named Kate and from Jersey, and another Jewelery maker named kin Sung or something. It was hard to pronounce. So, yeah .. it was pretty cool. Did I mention that I got to work on a sign for the Free For All Saturday thing with this architect from RISD? His name was Nick.. I think, He's wicked goofy. LMAO. Okay.. so after RISD I went to Ryan's and we hung out in the pool, then we cooked dinner! We cooked Au Gratin potatoes, stuffed pork chops, and broccoli chowder. It was YUM, but I wasn't feeling great. Then we practiced band music for band camp, and finally we witnessed the SOX lose again :(. Nomar was traded .. ::sigh:: it never fails. Anyway, I think Pedro is pictching tonight, so maybe glory is in the future. Maybe. Ryan is sick of waiting for me to get offline, so I guess I'll get off and stop recording my life for a few. I hope I have time to write later this week, but I have band camp, driving school, and I also will start my art classes ( figure drawing with LIVE models.. lol).. on tuesday.. CANT WAIT! Well, see you all later i guess, <3 TINZ
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Andy's Party [Jul. 30th, 2004|09:01 pm]
I'm at the party right now, and I'm having fun. YAY. like the first time this summer I've hung out with people.. other than ryan or chels. Anyway, yup.. so i guess I'll write later about how the last two days have been & what's up. It might be some time tomorrow, but Since I have to work at the museum from 10:30 to 5:00 , who knows. Please come and visit me .. PLEASE?
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