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Doop De Dopp - Let me take you down... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Doop De Dopp [Aug. 1st, 2004|01:36 pm]
[Current Mood |groggygroggy]

It's sunday.. it's rainy .. and my allergies are making me grumples. And Ryan is mad at me because I'm a jerkface. Yesterday I had to work, and it was alright. I kinda had fun, except I was really tired and hungry. Basically, I just helped little kids make lion and leopard masks and then I lead part of the 'gallery quest' which is when the little kids were searching through the museum looking for different lions. About 15 times i said this : ' hi.. are you doing the gallery quest? Can you find the two lions in this room? WOW! Good job.. would you like a sticker now? okay.. now follow me while looking at the directions on the bottom of your booklet.. through 3 asian galleries.. :: walking through 3 rooms:: this is one... two... and threee... ::leads them to staircase and says: Now.. go down one flight of stairs and enter the next gallery at the right. Have fun ! ::smile:: ' . ::runs back to asian sculpture room to greet nexy group:: .. so basiclly, i was somewhat of a tour guide yesterday.. whoo hoo. I met a painter from jersey who goes to RISD named Kate, a jewelery designer and glass maker also named Kate and from Jersey, and another Jewelery maker named kin Sung or something. It was hard to pronounce. So, yeah .. it was pretty cool. Did I mention that I got to work on a sign for the Free For All Saturday thing with this architect from RISD? His name was Nick.. I think, He's wicked goofy. LMAO. Okay.. so after RISD I went to Ryan's and we hung out in the pool, then we cooked dinner! We cooked Au Gratin potatoes, stuffed pork chops, and broccoli chowder. It was YUM, but I wasn't feeling great. Then we practiced band music for band camp, and finally we witnessed the SOX lose again :(. Nomar was traded .. ::sigh:: it never fails. Anyway, I think Pedro is pictching tonight, so maybe glory is in the future. Maybe. Ryan is sick of waiting for me to get offline, so I guess I'll get off and stop recording my life for a few. I hope I have time to write later this week, but I have band camp, driving school, and I also will start my art classes ( figure drawing with LIVE models.. lol).. on tuesday.. CANT WAIT! Well, see you all later i guess, <3 TINZ

[User Picture]From: on1y_a_m3mory
2004-08-01 10:54 am (UTC)


i dislike baseball. and what is broccoli chowder? sounds yummy :)
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