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Hey Hey Hey - Let me take you down... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hey Hey Hey [Aug. 4th, 2004|08:09 pm]
[Current Mood |optimisticoptimistic]

Yup .. so the past 2 days have been weird. Let's start with the rest of Monday...

I watched ' who wants to marry my dad' and those stupid daughters did not choose Suzanne to marry their dad. Ugh.. what a horrible decision ( lol - im crazy). Then , when my show was over I called Ryan and he informed me that the Stupid whore ( Kara Evans) is still trying to im him on 'secret' screen names , where he doesn't know who it is ( although he knows it's her every time). She is a dumb slut who should just keep her mind of MY bf, because he wouldn't leave me for a no-good-horse-toothed-no-life-immature ho bag. Oh well, die bitch.

Okay.. so then tomorrow.. i woke up, went to band camp. The usual. Went to lunch with Ry, Taryn, Matt & Amanda to Subway and BK. Then we went to Taryn's house to eat the food we got. Back to camp... learned some more music. Blah de Blah de Blah. Went to Ry's , Andy showed up - showed me his tattoo. I was the first to see! :) It's a cool nautical star ( black & red) on his arm. It looks good on him too. It bleeds an awful lot, but He's happy, and that's what's important! So then I went to my Figure Drawing class and drew a naked black girl for 3 hours. My sketches were pretty good for a beginner using charcoal in a way she never used it before. The teacher is a teacher at RISD too, and he complimented my style and shading.. so that's good! Then when i showed my mom the drawings after class, she got pissed because she doesn't like the fact that i'm in a room with a naked human for 3 hours. I'm also the youngest person in the class, so she's kind of mad about that too. ::sigh:: why can't i just be the little vintage artist i want to be? Went home, slept...

woke up. Went to Ry's, went to camp. Played music. Went to lunch with ry, manda, taryn, matt. Then we went to matt's house because he needed to get his bathing suit for swimming at the school. He sat on a container of barbecue sauce from Gnik Regrub (<BK) and it was all over his shorts, and on Taryn's seat. It was funny because he was standing at his front door and taryn was pointing to his ass laughing.. and when we saw.. it was hilarious! So matt realized, and soaked his jeans in the sink ( when he got back to school he realized that his music was in the pockets of the shorts that were soaking in water.) lol. Anyway, we went back to school and went swimming for an hour or so , when i got out of the pool i saw andy's mom and realized that he was going around with no sleeve to cover his tattoo. If his mom found out she'd be pissed. He ran and hid under the bleachers near the pool- and everyone didn't know that ..so we were all running around looking for him - wet and half naked. lmao! We found him and gave him a shirt, then he could go find his mom. LoL.. she said " The story of my life is trying to find Andy." -which i thought was funny, because he does tend to wander or hide sometimes. So, then we played some more music- and in three days I've learned all the bells music for the show .. and also some of the music we play in the stand. I'd say that's pretty damn good considering the music being difficult. S So , I came back to Ry's and went swimming for the rest of the afternoon. Then I practiced music a little bit more. Dinner - try to call dad.. try to call dad. He wouldn't pick up before, and then it was busy - so i'll just call him tomorrow. Well, i guess that's it - i'll write again when I can. I have to go take a shower before my mom picks me up. Peace ( call me for love) <3 tinz

[User Picture]From: xnewfoundgloryx
2004-08-04 07:37 pm (UTC)
whats that bitches screen name?
i'll show the fucker whats up
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[User Picture]From: janelane10
2004-08-05 02:53 pm (UTC)


Thanks for the protection, but considering she's anorexic I hoping she'll die soon. I miss u kelly! I hope i see you Friday :). Byes 4 now
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